BMW Says “No”

I'm very proud to welcome our newest site sponsor, BMW. Their campaign, "No," is all about resisting compromise, second guessing, middle management and anything else that may get in the way of building the best product possible. The Why We Say No site is a repository for anyone to share their own "no" and watch the nos of others. Thanks BMW for supporting us and …

BMW 1 Series

Channeling the essence of the Z Coupe in to a 4-door, BMW has announced the new 1 series. It's a mighty little wagon, perfect for the city. With the new 6 and the updated 5 series, consistency in the BMW line is once again tightened up. Check out the entire line here.

The New BMW 5 Series

BMW has released some pictures of the new 5 Series. It’s way hot. From the above linked site you can enter a contest to go to Germany and be one of the first people to drive one.