Ghost Music

An Yu’s sophomore novel, Ghost Music, is a mysterious work that combines mushrooms and music, memory and self-discovery. Song Yan, the protagonist, is a concert pianist who begins to be haunted by dreams of a doorless room full of fungi. When a surprise package ends up at her apartment, she unknowingly sets off on a journey that grows increasingly bizarre, thought-provoking and captivating to read.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An upcoming NYC gallery's all-Black staff, exploring Jupiter's moons, an environmentally friendly enzyme and more

JUICE Craft to Search for Life on Jupiter’s Galilean Moons The European Space Agency plans to send the JUICE (short for Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) spacecraft on an expedition to three of Jupiter’s 79 moons for various reasons—one being the potential for life. As the vessel’s name suggests, it will be surveying the icy Galilean moons—from deep ice wells on Ganymede, to an ocean on Callisto …

Highlights from the 2020 Beijing Auto Show

Originally set for March, the Beijing Auto Show is on now and marks the first large-scale trade show for the industry since the onset of the pandemic. It makes sense that this be the first, given the industry’s reliance on Chinese buyers to rebound the global economy—and especially the car market. There were a handful of notable unveilings—Kiwigogo’s flying concept, Citroën’s smart tire prototype and …