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From mind-bending Aphex Twin to a sublime song by Diana Gordon, plenty of new music this week

Aphex Twin: T69 Collapse

From digitally-dressed Cornish architecture to throbbing manipulations of space and time, the Weirdcore-directed music video for Aphex Twin’s brilliant “T69 Collapse” swirls together various realities. As a visual accompaniment to the new track, it’s a true rhythmic partner. As a stand-alone work of art, it leaves a trail through layer after layer of allusion and reference. Both the video and underlying track offer a wild ride through the imagination of Aphex Twin (aka Richard D James) and it’s one that audiences, inside and out of his devout fan group, will have fun trying to decipher.

Diana Gordon: Thank You

Diana Gordon is back. A self-described “breakdown” in 2016 sparked change, Gordon was largely reclusive for the following year. No, she never “left”–she penned a few of the most famous lines on Beyonce’s Lemonade–but after experiencing largely commercial success under a different moniker, Wynter Gordon, she felt it was time to be truer to her roots. Though not a single from her new EP, “Thank You” is a vulnerable anthem about finding inner strength. Gordon’s roots are in R&B–penning hits for Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez–and she feels, and sounds, at home in the genre’s soundscape. Her self-released EP, Pure, is out now.

Matthew Dear: Bunny’s Dream

Matthew Dear has been releasing new tracks from his upcoming Bunny LP (out 12 October) for over a year, and today two more: “Echo” and “Bunny’s Dream.” The genre-spanning DJ/producer/vocalist once again blends pop and minimal electronic in the deliciously slow-burning seven-minute “Bunny’s Dream.” The song ebbs and flows effortlessly, punctuated by Dear’s echoing baritone and glitchy effects—the result being a sultry, synth-heavy, ultimately uplifting tune. Available for pre-order at Ghostly now, Bunny will  be offered in a rainbow-splattered vinyl option.

A-Trak + Todd Terry: DJs Gotta Dance More

Two famous figures in DJing and productionA-Trak and Todd Terrycombine forces on “DJs Gotta Dance More.” In an ode to “the good old times” when DJs struggled to break onto the scene, Todd Terry tells tales of annoying his mother with his music, crate-digging, and finding one’s own style. The result is a funky spoken-word house hit. It’s out now on A-Trak’s label Fool’s Gold Records.

Tyler, The Creator + Kali Uchis: See You Again

Tyler, The Creator has just released the self-directed (under moniker Wolf Haley) video accompaniment to Scum Fuck Flower Boy standout “See You Again,” featuring Kali Uchis.  The video is a jubilant, cinematic portrayal of the song’s duality—loud but carefully orchestrated. Though the song isn’t new, the video breathes new life into the tune that dropped just over a year ago; and, as the first minute of another of Tyler’s tracks “Where This Flower Blooms” closes out the video, his artistic vision comes full-circle as a swarm of bees—the focal point of the album’s cover—fades the screen to black.

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Animal Collective + Coral Morphologic: Tangerine Reef

Ahead of their upcoming full-length audio visual album Tangerine Reef, Animal Collective (this time just Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist) and Coral Morphologic have released this mesmerizing video, “A Short Trip Through Tangerine Reef.” Created for the the 2018 International Year of the Reef, this “visual tone poem” feels alien, otherworldly and experimental, yet entirely serene. Officially released 17 August, the album will also be …

Lonnie Holley: I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America

Nothing short of a poet, Lonnie Holley delivers a razor-sharp portrait of the state of the States with his latest single “I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America.” From the vocal onslaught to the militant percussion and an eerie brass section, the track bulldozes forward. The video, directed by Matt Arnett and Ethan Payne, features warped iconography and many artworks that jar viewers to their …


Experimental electronic, pop, dance and more in our weekly musical round-up

070 Shake: I Laugh When I’m With Friends But Sad When I’m Alone “I Laugh When I’m With Friends But Sad When I’m Alone” succeeds in delivering a wildly lovably, relatable experience while demonstrating New Jersey rapper/singer 070 Shake’s singular talent. Minimal production allows for the G.O.O.D. Music artist to shine with sharp, narrative-driven lyrics. Even the video plays into the track’s artistry. Simply put, …

Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May: Immortal Lover

Atmospheric, haunting and gentle, Andrew Bayer’s “Immortal Lover” features singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Alison May on vocals. A slow-burning tune, it’s minimal but still rich, and drifts along its six minutes fluidly—thanks to seamless production. The song appears on In My Last Life, Bayer’s third album which is due for release in August.