Kimchi Kooks

Small-batch, fermented delights made in NYC by a mother-and-son artist duo

Kimchi has always been a source of Korean pride—yet the obligatory side dish (and cultural symbol) has made headlines in the past few years as cheaper Chinese imports have taken over restaurants and supermarkets. New Yorkers now can get a taste of kimchi that’s made authentically, with a lot of love, fresh ingredients and a pinch of creativity, thanks to Kimchi Kooks. The young Brooklyn-based …

Modern Korean Cuisine at Oiji

The new East Village restaurant offers elegant, unusual takes on traditional dishes

While there are many small restaurants crammed into Manhattan’s block-long Koreatown on 32nd Street, their menus are pretty similar. Each offers the traditional home-cooked staples that Koreans overseas crave, from doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew) to samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), with little variation—as their purpose is to restore the memory of mom’s meals. But for diners who are eager to try a new angle on …

Cool Hunting Video: Takashi

The NYC Japanese-Korean barbecue restaurant cooks beef from nose to tail

Manhattan’s West Village restaurant, Takashi, isn’t your average barbecue joint. To learn more, we spoke with Chef Takashi about preparing beef cuisine, quite literally, from nose to tail. Blending Korean and Japanese flavors and cooking traditions, this barbecue house offers patrons a unique dining experience—whether or not they are adventurous enough to try all four stomachs and a side of testicle.