Haich Ber Na: By Floras

London-based recording artist Haich Ber Na explores a new sonic realm on “By Floras.” Glitchy and intergalactic yet delicate, the track mixes elements from Ber Na’s 2019 EP, Everywhere’s Home, but proves much more pop-oriented. The song incorporates many of the celestial elements he’d teased with previous releases, while lyrically he addresses an ever-growing distance between himself and a friend.

“Drawn Together,” Unit London Gallery’s Charitable, Expansive Group Exhibition

More than 150 international artists contribute drawings and works on paper to benefit vulnerable communities and frontline medical staff

For Unit London‘s first-ever online exhibition, Drawn Together, the gallery brought together the works of 150 different international artists—from their roster of talent and those of peer institutions—to demonstrate the collective impact the art world can make in times of crisis. Styles and subject matter stretch between dynamic figurative compositions by the likes of Alphachanneling, Bianca Nemelc, Eniwaye Oluwasey, Ryan Hewett, Adam Lupton and Kwesi Botchway to surreal …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Putting excess London Underground heat to use, an app for analog photography, a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus and more

NASA’s Highest-Resolution Photo of Mars NASA’s new image of the surface of Mars—the space agency’s highest-resolution photograph of the Red Planet ever—comprises 1,200 total images. The wide-pan photograph features what researchers hypothesize are former sites of lakes and streams that dried up over the course of several billion years. The 1.8-billion-pixel shot was taken by the Curiosity Rover during November and December of 2019 and …