I think House Industries’ new site House33 is both an announcement for a new set of fonts and a new London shop. But, I’m not sure. Either way, the site is lovely.

Urban Tapestries

I’ve been thinking about, and looking forward to this for years. I consider it the digital, indexed equivalent to the writing on public bathroom walls… A sort of spatial bookmarking. This project, based in London, takes it one step closer to reality. Urban Tapestries allows users to author their own virtual annotations of the city, enabling a communityís collective memory to grow organically, allowing ordinary …


Oki-ni is an independent, London-based design group which works in collaboration with a range of brands and designers to create products unique to oki-ni and only available online from . In addition to collaborations with Adidas, like the Decades pictured above, Oki-ni works with Paul Smith, Levis, Evisu, and more. They also have physical stored in Japan and the UK.