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Visionaire 62 Rio

The shape-shifting arts and fashion publication goes stereoscopic

Continually pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing, quarterly art and fashion magazine Visionaire has released their 62nd issue in conjunction with NYC-based design firm Aruliden and Brazilian retail developer and contemporary art patron Iguatemi. As with each issue, the theme and format has once again changed. This time Visionaire takes the form of a stereoscope. Designed, developed and manufactured by Aruliden, the “issue” contains 18 …

Boneshaker Magazine

Bicycle culture with an emphasis on "culture"

Comprised of 64 ad-free pages, Boneshaker Magazine presents itself as the perfectly formed remedy to the anesthesia of a glossy bicycle magazine. Set upon uncoated challenger offset paper Boneshaker has an unrivaled visual and tactile quality that is noticeable even before opening it. Plus, Boneshaker’s collection of articles, stories and anecdotes about people, projects and bicycles makes for a riveting cover-to-cover read. Issue 9 is …