Boxcar Succulent Planters

Revolution Design House’s solid walnut Boxcar Succulent Planter is an ideal gift for nature lovers lacking a green thumb. Push this trio of tiny planters together for a unified jardiniere or add a subtle touch of color to your windowsill by breaking them up and exposing their bright blue sides.

Pothra by Nooka

Matthew Waldman's eco-friendly planter made from used coffee grounds

While recycling has become second nature to many people, it’s easy to forget that we still throw away tons of useful materials every single day. Designer Matthew Waldman of Nooka took a short break from creating cutting-edge timepieces to do his part by saving up his daily coffee grounds for a year, with the plan of finding them a new life. “Living in New York …

Patch Herb Planters

Grow your own food with a simple system designed for urban dwellers

Greens find a new home in the city with self-watering windowsill planters from Patch. The brainchild of founder and CEO Kent Houston, the planters are just one part of Patch’s solution for bringing agriculture into personal living spaces. The environmentally and community driven start-up focuses on educating people about the benefits of urban agriculture efforts and the little ways they can make a difference. By …