Hybrid Tea Cup

Italy-based Seletti’s Hybrid Tea Cup looks as if two different sets of ceramics have been cut in half and fused together. This delightfully disjointed design combines traditionally Western and Eastern aesthetics atop uneven Bone China porcelain. Playful with a touch of elegance, the Zenobia tea cup and saucer in particular charm in a unique way.

Furniture Shaped Like Fast Food

For the Italian brand Seletti’s upholstered furniture debut they’ve once again partnered with the whimsical design firm Studio Job and the result is certainly eye-catching (and arguably mouth-watering). This new pop culture saturated “UN_LIMITED EDITIONS” line draws inspiration from fast food. In a nod to Americana, there’s a sofa in the form of a hot dog bun, complete with a comfortable upholstered sausage inside. There’s …

Lipstick Rug

Outrageous and super-bold, Seletti + Toiletpaper’s statement collaboration rugs is playful art meant to be stomped on. With 100% polyester carpets bearing everything from eyeballs to frog burgers, our pick is the pink and black “Lipstick” design—a classic from Toiletpaper that can also be found on melamine serving trays and porcelain plates—which plays with gender roles. Price is in British pounds.