A radical evolution from the spit handshake or blood brothers ritual, Biojewlery uses lab grown human bone tissue as a design material. Their intention is to have nuptial rings created from the bone tissue of both people to be wed. Now that the Modern Primitives are growing up, this seems like their ideal wedding band. via Régine

Emergency Cuff Links

Slide the 316 Wallet Essentials credit card sized, paper-thin piece of etched steel into your wallet right next to the platinum card, and never find yourself cuff link-less again. It’s not uncommon to forget or misplace little things like cuff links during a hectic preparation for a fancy night out, and these little sheets are an excellent solution. No they’re not as snazzy as the …

The Jimi

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like the traditional bill-fold wallet, the Jimi may be for you. Made from recycled and recyclable plastic and available in several bold colors, the Jimi it a simple and sleek holder for a few cards and some cash. Because it's hard sided, there's no worry of all your stuff getting crumpled or schmutzy.