adicolor Yellow

Neill Blomkamp's yellow for adicolor has just arrived as the second to last piece in the series. While his neo-urbanism action drama short may seem like the biggest budget of all the adicolor podcast videos to date, all the directors apparently had the same budget. This stunning and provocative live action and computer graphic short is not to be missed.

adicolor Red

I was in San Francisco last week for a conference and slacked off on my now regular Wednesday adicolor podcast coverage. In case you haven't already found it, Red is here. Directed by Roman Coppola, Red is the most fun of the series so far telling the story of what the world was like before and after the color red came to be. Coppola, recognized …

Vice Scandinavia adicolor Winner

At the speakeasy-style event that Vice held at Bruno Gallerian in Stockholm last week, Christian Bielke from Oslo walked away with 10,000 SEK (about $1,200) of Adidas Originals for the shoe he designed (pictured right). Congrats Christian! Also on Cool Hunting: Vice Scandinavia adicolor Contest