Fit and Healthy by Mercedes-Benz

Elevating drivers' physical and emotional wellness

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz can now enhance the wellbeing of its passengers through a coordinated stimulation of the senses in response to the driver’s state of mind. “Fit & Healthy,” which launches in the very near future, connects to a driver’s Mercedes Me profile, reading their wearable data and adjusting the car’s climate, lighting, seat massagers, entertainment systems and more to help create calmness or stimulation as needed. …

Steven Spazuk’s Impressive Fire Art

The artist tells us his Zippo lighter is both a tool and a muse

Sponsored by Zippo

In a truly romantic tale, artist Steven Spazuk says that the idea to paint using flames came to him in a dream. After his first attempt—which resulted in a page burnt to a crisp—he became obsessed with perfecting the technique. From there, he started using a Zippo lighter along with candles and torches, and used heavier card stock; now his name is synonymous with the …

How $10,000 Will Help These People Further Their Talents

Meet the first-ever #LiveThem Award finalists

Sponsored by Rémy Martin®

When we created the #LiveThem Award with our friends at Rémy Martin® and Gear Patrol we felt kicking off the year with a $10,000 award was a great way to help one of our readers further develop one of their talents, and today we are one step closer to making that come true. We are very excited to announce the five finalists, one of whom …