Aether Horizon Motorcycle Jacket

Functional and with plenty of safety features, this piece doesn't sacrifice aesthetics

Action apparel company Aether—whose ethos is to create the most durable, minimal and modern-minded gear—has just released one of the best motorcycle jackets we’ve had our hands on in some time. Aesthetically, the Horizon is much like Aether’s jacket intended for men (called the Skyline) but upon closer inspection, the Horizon is far from just a “women’s version.” With sealed seams, the three-layer, abrasion-resistant shell …

In the Field with Aether Apparel

Testing the premium outdoor brand's latest gear in interior British Columbia's remote ranges

After a few flights, a couple hours in the car, a short jaunt in a helicopter and a ride in a steamy snowcat, we found ourselves overlooking British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains, surrounded by untracked powder without a lodge or any mark of human intervention in sight. Weather in the region can change quickly: what starts as a sunny morning can turn into a whiteout blizzard …

Aether Cone

The simple and elegantly designed Aether Cone combines the best features of portable home listening into a compact package. With adaptive technology and voice commands the more tunes you play the better the Cone learns your taste, and you can speak your choices instead of fumbling with your smartphone to make a selection.