Big Thief: Off You (The Breeders Cover)

For record label 4AD’s 40th anniversary covers compilation, Bills & Aches & Blues, folk rockers Big Thief deliver a touching rendition of The Breeders’ “Off You.” Pared back but powerful (quite like the original), the cover finds lead singer Adrianne Lenker breathing her signature sound into lyrics made famous by the inimitable Kim Deal. Lenker succeeds where others would fall short.

Garbage: Empty

That feeling when a song and its music video is everything you hoped from a band you’ve long loved. In the new video for their single “Empty,” Garbage reunites with Sam Bayer who directed the band’s first three videos, including “Only Happy When It Rains” in 1995 (and whose notable career kicked off with directing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”). With just a few 360 …

Premiere: “Stargazer” (Live) by Nap Eyes

A deep thinker from the band's new album, Thought Rock Fish Scale

Hailing from Halifax, Nap Eyes recorded their debut full-length album Whine Of The Mystic (2014) straight to tape in live takes and no overdubs. Even within the different layers beneath the canopy of alt-rock, the band sets itself apart from the overly polished and produced tracks of late. Their surprisingly delicate sound—poetic and undressed—captures natural spontaneity without a hint of sloppiness. The eight songs on …