How To Dress Well: Vacant Boat

From How To Dress Well’s (aka Tom Krell) The Anteroom comes a video treatment for “Vacant Boat.” Directed by Justin Daashuur Hopkins in collaboration with NOH/WAV, the video offers a frenzy of images juxtaposed by static depictions of decay, while a blue-lit Krell echoes the song’s verses. Psychedelic, glitchy and ambient all at once, HTDW fans won’t be disappointed.

Traversa Record

Geotic’s upcoming album Traversa, out on Ghostly on 19 October, will be pressed on limited edition translucent vinyl. The record promises to be beautiful (like all the ambient pop outfit’s music) and the vinyl accompaniment is packaged beautifully too—adorned with iridescent cover art and a geometric sleeve-liner.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Black Snow

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka 0PN, aka Daniel Lopatin) is set to release a new record next month, and from it he has teased “Black Snow,” a super-atmospheric tune that is equal parts calming and unsettling. The composer/producer has created an ambient slow-burn with the song—thanks in part to Lopatin’s vocals and broken chords. The blossoming song is accompanied by a creepy, but perfectly paced video …