King Tut’s Tomb Restored

From cleaning dust and mold to establishing protections against tourist trampling, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the Getty Conservation Institute have completed a 10-year restoration of King Tut’s tomb. Attracting as many as 4,000 visitors per day (even while the restoration was underway), the tomb is one of Egypt’s most popular and significant monuments. Read more about the efforts at

Ancient Egyptian Women Had Eight-Foot Long Prenups

A stunning 2,480-year-old, eight-foot long scroll on display at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago is a legal, marital document—a prenup, in fact. However, unlike the comparable prenups of today, “they were purely economic, promising not eternal faithfulness or mutual responsibility but cold, hard cash.” Unbeknownst to many, Ancient Egyptian women actually had the same legal rights as men, says Dr Emily Teeter, …