London T-Shirt

London-based online music broadcaster and promotion company Boiler Room teamed up with Melbourne, Australia-born brand Perks and Mini (aka PAM) for a capsule collection of apparel celebrating club culture. The limited edition London T-Shirt comes in black (while the Melbourne iteration is brown), and features a bold graphic incorporating both logos on the back. Price is in Pounds.

Lurex Socks

From Christina Viviani and Emilio Ramirez’s luxury lingerie line, The Great Eros, these lurex socks are shimmery, slightly sheer and super-soft. The sky blue socks rise to around mid-calf and add a touch of playful elegance to any outfit.

Early Majority Prioritizes People Over Product

A new multipurpose capsule from the world's first fashion degrowth company

Early Majority might be the world’s first fashion degrowth company, meaning it eschews excessive and rapid production (which the industry is prone to do despite how garments generate an estimated 92 million metric tons of waste per year). Rather, the Paris-based outdoor clothing brand prioritizes the quality and sustainability that comes from making less by leveraging a membership model to maintain a viable business while …