Disintegration and Sprawl

Gallery show explores urban ruins and the problem of the built environment

A new gallery collection at Christina Ray takes a look at the ruins of urban spaces in an age of sustainability and waste reduction. Artists Amze Emmons and Kevin Haas present imaginary landscapes as the potential for progressive living, juxtaposed against a background of deterioration. As Haas explains in the Christina Ray gallery in New York.

Stormie Mills

Australian graffiti artist's scuffling greyscale characters inhabit everything from paintings to scarves

Using everything from street walls to hundred-dollar bills and dresser drawers, Australian graffiti artist Stormie Mills has been exploring themes of urban decay since 1984. Characters, rendered predominantly in greyscale, evoke a sense of loneliness and isolation, portraying the age-old themes of quests for identity. His street art-style paintings, well-received by critics and collectors alike, have been commissioned for the creation of murals across Greece …

Peter Halley Studio Visit

New work by the NYC artist known for his colorfully bold "prison" paintings

Earlier this month, one of New York CIty’s native artists, Peter Halley, invited some members of the press into his studio for a preview of his new works. For over 25 years Halley has painted his “prisons” and “cells,” reflecting the “increasing geometricization of social space in the world we live in.” Regardless of how you read the social commentary, these bold, bright paintings masterfully …