Cool Hunting Video Presents: Manuel Ameztoy

Our latest video explores the epic paper sculptures of an up and coming Argentinian artist

For the final video from our adventures in Buenos Aires we visit the studio of the fantastic visual artist Manuel Ameztoy. Ameztoy works exclusively with paper cut-outs, creating fragile installations on an epic scale. We caught up with him the day after his opening at the city’s Faena Arts Center to talk about his process and how he creates his delicately elegant sculptures.

Saatchi Online

An art influx with 100 curators in 100 days

On 18 July 2012, Saatchi launched the world’s largest online exhibition—not a hard claim to make given that most web-based art shows are greeted with little more than raised eyebrows. Still, “100 Curators 100 Days” may very well reshape the perception that viewing art on a computer doesn’t achieve the personal relationship between viewer and artwork offered by a brick-and-mortar museum or gallery. We applaud …