Brooke Weeber

Watercolor illustrations combine Wes Anderson style with wildlife and folklore

Brooke Weeber‘s delicate, darkly humorous watercolor-and-ink illustrations are one part Wes Anderson, one part Edward Gorey. Fantastical wolves and deer roam freely through pastel-tinted clouds and trees, sharing space with bearded strongmen and booze. Though the Northwest native admits that she’s a huge fan of Anderson, she cites Greek and Native American art as her primary influence. 
 “I love the simple line figures painted …

Charles Simonds: Mental Earth, Growths and Smears

Clay sculptor swaps miniatures cities for hanging installations in this new retrospective

An artist obsessed with clay, Charles Simonds has been molding biological sculptures from the desiccate medium since early childhood. His prolific career received accolades early on for his miniature dwellings, which the artist began installing in various nooks around NYC and other international capitals before shifting to the gallery scene. The lilliputian natives of his imagination took their inspiration from American and African tribal communities, …

Travis Louie

Peek inside the artist's mind to learn what motivated his latest film noir inspired paintings

As a young boy growing up in Queens, Travis Louie would roam the hallways of his friends’ houses gazing longingly at their vintage family photographs, realizing the lack of pictures of previous generations of his own Chinese-American family. Years later when Louie’s drawing career transitioned into painting characters inspired by film noir and German Expressionism, he realized that in some way he was creating his …