Amanda Upton

Recently named by Dutch magazine, Archive, as being amongst the world's best 200 illustrators, Sydney-based artist, Amanda Upton, creates lush and somewhat surreal works that conjure up storybook symbolism with their thick colour palette.

Eleanor Voterakis

Melbourne-based artist Eleanor Voterakis works predominantly with a 2B mechanical pencil [Pacer]. "My drawings are quite stark and delicate," she says. "The drawn objects tend to be situated in a blank space, and I play around with form by leaving parts of objects unfinished or filled in as silhouettes." The detail and texture in her work is stunning, stamping her as one of the most …

Mia Mala McDonald

Mia Mala McDonald is one of Melbourne’s hottest young photographers. She has a solid portfolio of live music shots but is increasingly moving toward insightful, thematic photo essays. She believes the secret to taking a good shot lies in 'patience, spontaneity and taking a hell of a lot of photos!’