The Chemist Preserving The Met’s Art Collection

“Conservation started by looking at how to treat objects that have been damaged… Now we’re thinking about how to set up displays and storage so that kind of damage doesn’t happen in the first place,” Eric Breitung, a conservation scientist at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, says. Typically, if damage occurs, it’s the job of his staff to undo it. Instead of prepping the museum …

Object_ify 139 + Ace Hotel’s Flag Project

Commissioning nine artists to create designs that represent their ideals, and support their chosen organization

After collaborating last year in NYC, Object_ify 139 and Ace Hotel have teamed up on a new project that celebrates design, supports activist organizations and explores hopeful and important values for the future. Simply called “Flags,” the endeavor was born from the disappointment of the 2016 US Presidential elections and the consequential protests and overwhelming action from the public. Commissioning nine artists to design a …

Circle (Gray) Print

Printed using the highest quality inks on 300 GSM archival paper, artist Stephen Eichhorn’s “Circle (Gray)” print is subtle and striking all at once. Made from meticulously cut-out images of flowers, placed together to make an beautifully intricate new artwork, the print (available in an edition of 75) is one that will mesmerize.