Ergatta’s Connected Rowing Machine Gamifies Fitness

An at-home workout system programmed with games that tap into your competitive spirit

The equipment we use to exercise will always emphasize function first and foremost. Designers tasked with defining forthcoming machines’ aesthetics contend with trainers and therapists regarding how to best integrate a design style without interfering with range of motion or desired results. There’s also the challenge of square footage—ways to make room for other machines or to hide equipment in spaces sometimes dedicated to other …

Hands-on With Apple Fitness+

By blending design, technology and humanity the new service is a game-changer

Announced back in September, Apple Fitness+ arrives today. It’s a content, education and motivation service whose heart lies in Apple Watch and can be experienced on iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. We’ve been testing it for nearly a week now and have been very impressed. While there are many admirable aspects, the ultimate beauty of Fitness+ is how seamlessly it works across the Apple ecosystem of …


A simple, patented arm-strengthening system from p.volve, the P.Band utilizes two linked “gloves” for resistance training. This easy-to-use and effective upper body workout aims to sculpt through repetitions. P.Band, composed of latex tubing and woven polyester, neoprene and cotton mitts, is also lightweight and compact, allowing it to travel with ease.