Slow Pulp: Do You Feel It

Roaring and somewhat reminiscent of a staticky space transmission, Slow Pulp’s “Do You Feel It” turns from a minimal soundscape into a classic—almost hair metal—anthem. Guitars slowly creep in as steady drums keep it all together. There’s an almost live quality to the track—which emits incredible energy over its short but sweet two minutes.

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Atmospheric soundscapes, folk-inflected tunes and more in our musical wrap-up this week

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah feat. Saul Williams: Ancestral Recall One listen to jazz artist Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s “Ancestral Recall,” which features poet and songwriter Saul Williams, reveals a mission beyond music. The track, and forthcoming album of the same name, were “built as a map to decolonize sound; to challenge previously held misconceptions about some cultures of music; to codify a new folkloric tradition and …

Oneohtrix Point Never: Black Snow

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka 0PN, aka Daniel Lopatin) is set to release a new record next month, and from it he has teased “Black Snow,” a super-atmospheric tune that is equal parts calming and unsettling. The composer/producer has created an ambient slow-burn with the song—thanks in part to Lopatin’s vocals and broken chords. The blossoming song is accompanied by a creepy, but perfectly paced video …