Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable Spins Vinyl in the Air

The record player of the future is here

Chicago’s Gramovox already defied gravity with their vertical Floating Record Player, and now Italian start-up Audio Deva offers their own “upside-down” take on a turntable. It eschews the basic design that has “remained the same for about a century.” The thinking goes, the heavier the platter and plinth, the more vibrations that can be absorbed and overall a more stable speed (Fern & Roby made …

Mu-so Qb by Naim Audio

The British company crafts a $1k cube-shaped wireless audio soundsystem

English hi-fi audio manufacturer Naim (you’ve experienced their expertise if you’ve ever driven a Bentley after 2008) revealed the newest addition to their line-up last month at CES. The Mu-so Qb is a compact version of Naim’s rectangular Mu-so, which was their debut attempt at a completely wireless music system. “Qb” is pronounced “cube” and its shape comes forth—with distinct, curved grilles. To clarify, this …

Retro Record Washer

Keep your beloved vinyl collection in tip-top condition with this manual washer from Spin-Clean. Offering a compact, made-in-USA unit that’s more affordable than its high-tech counterparts, Spin-Clean celebrates 40 years of taking lint, dust and fingerprints off of records with a retro limited version in its original color and shaped box.