DURKL reinvents 1988 designs with a more contemporary humor. In his own words "DURKL is Knight Rider with a Hummer." All these T-shirts and more are for sale on their site.

Mini Cooper Convertible

The Mini Cooper Convertible is about ready to ship, just in time for, um, Fall. Aside from the redesigned dash I flipping off Hummers in your neighborhood soon.


Maybe it's because of all the bullshit oil politics, or maybe it's because I just revisited my crunchy Vermont roots– either way, I'm fascinated by Biodiesel at the moment. It is an old concept that's seeing a rebirth among socially responsible and environmentally conscious youth. My friend Nori runs her Merc on Biodiesel and taught me all about it. What is Biodiesel?Biodiesel is a domestic, …