Baggu Summer Shop

The colorful eco-bag company opens in Brooklyn

Since opening Baggu‘s first-ever shop in Williamsburg last month, founder Emily Sugihara has enjoyed watching customers ponder over which of her stylishly functional eco-bags they want to take home. “They’ll be holding a bunch of them, and they’ll put one back and try another one, and look at them all together,” Sugihara says. “I think people feel more ownership of the bags because they’re making …

Threadless and Baggu

Artist-designed canvas totes offer a fun and colorful alternative to the boring shopping bag

Today Threadless launches ten selected designs printed on Baggu Duck bags. With adjustable straps, snap closures and interior pockets, these canvas bags are large enough to carry groceries and strong enough to safely transport books or a a laptop computer. Designs by Ross Zietz include a rainbow umbrella, a swan music note and his “Infinity MPG” white bicycle. On the bag designed by Andy Gonsalves …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Baggu Bags

A reusable bag that cuts down on waste with a stylish, functional simplicity

by Gregory Mitnick Baggu’s ingenious design makes for the most functional and stylish eco-bag out there—an example of how one small, well-executed idea might just change the world. In this video, co-founder Emily Sugihara fills us in on the design process and shows us some of the more unusual uses for a Baggu.