Intense Moisture Set

Ideal for harsh winter months, Monastery’s Intense Moisture Set includes three luxurious products: Rose (a cleansing oil), Flora (cream serum) and Attar (repair concentrate). The gentle cleanser is made to be used before the nutrient-rich serum and, ultimately, the repair concentrate, which works as a moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm.

Inked Tattoo Balm

The first couple of days after getting a tattoo are make or break for the longterm healing of a new piece. While Aquaphor—the most common balm used to keep freshly inked skin protected, is a great option—SkinFix has a contender that adds nourishing ingredients to promote optimal healing. Tattoo Balm includes orange peel, shea butter,  jojoba, coconut and sunflower oils in a paraben-free formula that’s both …

Cordial Organics’ CBD-Powered Wellness Line

Imparting the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol in balms and bitters

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabis plant’s byproducts. You might be more familiar with the plant’s other byproducts like hemp oil (made from the seeds of the hemp plant, and often used in lotions and soaps) and the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, but cannabidiol is distinct from both. Cannabidiol (commonly shortened to CBD) won’t get you stoned, is legal in 43 states, and we’re only just …