Cool Hunting Video Presents: Cool Hunting’s Baltimore

To explore Baltimore, we take directions from the some indigenous musicians, artists and historians

by DJ Blaqstarr, visiting the Station North Arts District and with a few other stops along the way, it’s a portrait of a city painted by its people.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Rye Rye

Baltimore upstart and M.I.A. protege Rye Rye explains her rise and exhibits some of her signature dance moves

by Gregory Mitnick Checking in with M.I.A. protege Rye Rye, this video visits the rising star in the studio working on her as-yet unreleased album and at a WWD Daily photo shoot. The 18-year-old Baltimore native shares the story of how she came up, a few dance moves and what she likes to rap about.

Human Host

If a bunch of monkeys had a bunch of typewriters, they might come up with Shakespeare, but if they had drum machines, broken synths, out-of-tune guitars and old Casio keyboards, they might end up with something that sounds like Human Host. The Baltimore band channels the languid sneer of the Stooges, the absurdist spazz-outs of Men's Recovery Project, and the sproing-y dissonance of Nervous Gender.