Zuko Jumbo Ice Trays

Designed to save space and for convenience, Zuko’s jumbo ice trays make six large ice cubes across two stackable containers. Made from silicone molds, the trays make removing ice easy, while a flavor-guard lip prevents spills and freezer-tasting cubes.

Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit

Featuring 750ml bottles of two CH favorites, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye, this Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit translates to 26 servings of a fresh take on the classic cocktail. The recipe is easy enough: one ounce of each liquid combined over an ice cube (with an orange twist garnish). The set also includes a silicone ice tray and a limited …

Low-Sugar Soda Variety Pack

United Sodas of America’s color-coded variety pack features 12 flavors in matching hues. From Extra Peachy to Cherry Pop, Sour Blueberry and Toasted Coconut, every iteration is naturally flavored using proprietary recipes that are low in sugar and calories. Designed by Alex Center of CENTER DESIGN (who have handled branding projects for Kin, Vitamin Water and New Balance), the rainbow-forming pack also looks super-appealing.