Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Solo Sundays

Products for taking time to log off and unwind

Much more than just treating yourself to something expensive, self-care is about switching off and focusing on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The most important factor, of course, is taking time out to do all this. Logging off for an extended period can be difficult for many of us, and we sometimes need a distraction, so we’ve selected some of our favorite products to …

Icelandic Moonflower Aromatherapeutic Body Oil

With a high concentration of aromatherapy essential oils, Red Flower’s Icelandic Moonflower Aromatherapeutic Body Oil can be used in baths or applied during a massage. Within, moonflower oils meet sandalwood, clove bud, rose and more combine for a rich, nuanced fragrance. Made with certified organic ingredients, this bath oil steers clear of dyes, artificial preservatives, parabens and sulfates.

Bal d’Afrique Bath Oil

Bath oils have a way of making even a brief soak in the tub feel luxurious. With their Bal d’Afrique scented bath oil, Byredo offers robust yet floral aromatics atop a silky texture that’s perfect for all genders. The consistently evolving profile begins with bergamot and ends with Moroccan cedarwood. You’ll find everything from marigold to musk and jasmine, in between. It’s rich but never …