Fındıklı Turkish Towels

Handcrafted by a singular artisan in Istanbul, these incredibly soft, striped towels are perfect for the beach or your bathroom. Made with 100% Turkish cotton, the towel’s oversized silhouette offers a modern update on an Old-World luxury.

Natural Rubber Duckies

A tub-time classic, perhaps no other item has made bathing as fun as the ever-loved rubber ducky. But for parents who wish to provide a more holistic upbringing for their tots, how do we reconcile this little bugger’s loveable nature with his potentially toxic plastic composition? Look to Brookfarm General Store’s Natural Rubber Ducky. Hand-painted, non-toxic and BPA- and phthalate free—so when your two-year-old is …

Rose Geranium Bath Soak

Revitalize your favorite lady with a bottle of Royal Botanicals’ Rose Geranium Bath Soak. This invigorating blend includes Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts and organic essential oils of the “flower of constancy,” housed in a Victorian Era-inspired amber glass bottle.