Bentley EXP 9 F SUV Concept

Our personal video tour with Senior Interior Designer, Darren Day

From idea to reality in a mere seven months, Bentley’s polarizing EXP 9 F SUV concept premiered at the Geneva auto show in March 2012. Darren Day, the Senior Interior Designer at Bentley Motors and one of the lead designers on the concept, walked us through the car’s impressive details in our exclusive video at its private New York debut.

Geneva Auto Show Themes

Bespoke detailing, matte paint jobs and cute cabriolets from across the industry

This year’s International Auto Show in Geneva brought about design innovations and curious concepts hitting all different market segments. From customizable supercars to cute cabriolets, the following themes prevailed at the show. Bespoke Autos Customers shopping for the latest supercar have more options than ever on factory paint and interiors. But for the truly discerning and unique individual, more and more companies are offering a …

Geneva Auto Show

Four standouts by Ferrari, Bentley, Subaru and Toyota

Each year Geneva plays host to the International Motor Show, drawing in every relevant brand in the auto industry to show their latest, greatest and most innovative cars. While navigating the labyrinth of new releases and concept cars at the 2012 show we took note of four standouts across all categories of design, function and luxury. The star of the show: Ferarri F12berlinetta While Geneva …