Bibio: Phantom Brickworks III (Edit)

With a soundscape that acts as a bridge to another world, English experimental electronic producer Bibio’s “Phantom Brickworks III (Edit)” is an assemblage of mostly improvised musical pieces imagined throughout the years. The minimal, atmospheric track glides forward on delicate, sometimes odd, sounds under the guidance of a piano. Bibio also directed, shot and edited the brand new video, featuring calming autumnal sequences.

Bibio: Beyond My Eyes

Last year, prolific British producer Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson) released the gorgeous A Mineral Love (his seventh studio LP) as well as The Serious EP, and now he’s already set to unveil his next record. Due out 5 May, the EP Beyond Serious will feature the just-released track “Beyond My Eyes” which is a shimmering synth-heavy song that is atmospheric and warm. The track is …


Remembering Beatles producer George Martin, an algorithm for music videos, Cassius gets Cat Power on a dance track and more in this week's music

Cassius feat. Cat Power + Mike D: ACTION Cassius’ 2010 EP The Rawkers was a goldmine: every one of those six tracks—from “I Love U So” to “Arcadine” and “Shark Simple”—showed off a different aspect of Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass’ personality and musical style, striking the hearts of dance music bloggers with the golden French touch. Zdar has since kept busy behind the scenes—producing, …