Building Bird-Friendly Architecture

Despite their alluring luxury, tall, glass-encased buildings are bird death traps, killing around a million birds in the US per year. The animals, who can’t register reflective windows, fly headfirst into skyscrapers. For more than a decade, architects have known how to design buildings that prevent this from happening, but the demand for sweeping windows have largely stymied changes—until recently. In 2021, NYC implemented Local …

Trio American Bird Calls Set

Beckon to a black-capped chickadee, goldfinch and American robin with this trio of handmade bird call toys that aim to bring children closer to nature. Crafted in the South of France by the artisan toy brand Quelle Est Belle, the three wood-and-metal items arrive with thoughtful, easy-to-follow instructions inside a wooden storage box.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Space tacos, electrified classic cars, a skatepark for "non-traditional skaters" and more from around the internet

NYC’s New Monument “The Girl Puzzle” Honors Journalist Nellie Bly Currently being installed on Roosevelt Island, “The Girl Puzzle” is a new bronze monument depicting the faces of five women. By Amanda Matthews, the installation honors one of the location’s most famed residents, journalist Nellie Bly, who, in 1887, acted her way into being committed to the island’s insane asylum in order to report on …