Fangblade by Stephan Alexandr

Exploring nostalgia and nature with hand-carved alligator jawbones

Continuing his curious exploration of alternative uses for animal bones, Portland’s Stephan Alexandr recently released his latest artistic creation—the Fangblade. Carved from alligator jawbones, the handy letter-openers still sport vestigial teeth to remind its user what the knife once was. While the bizarre look and feel initially drew the attention of many of us at CH HQ, the subsequent conversation about physical mail—when we received …

Bare Bones

Brooklyn trio The Principals gives the classic game of dominoes contemporary form with Bare Bones, an attractive double 6 set cast from concrete. Each set of bones is made in their Greenpoint studio and comes with a screen-printed cotton bag sporting the rules.

Essence Labs

Anatomical jewelry inspired by duckling bones in Beijing's 798 Art District

 Beijing’s 798 Art District has made a mainstream shift in recent years with coffee shops, souvenir stores, flocks of tourists and the usual weekend deploy of an arsenal of digital cameras. 798 has become the center of lighthearted art entertainment, but it still preserves some hidden pearls of creativity like Essence Labs. Opened in 2009 by young designers Yin Xiangkun and Meng Dan, Essence …