Disruptive Pattern Material

Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is a brand new publication from Maharishi. Creative Director Hardy Blechman has spent the last 6 years researching the world of camouflage and applying his findings to Maharishi product. DPM is a compilation of that research and includes over 5,000 images of military, fashion and nature organized by historical and geographic application. £100.00 from AmazonSample plates after the jump.

The Final Issue of 28mm

October is the 14th and final issue of 28mm, the fabulous web based photography journal. What made 28mm unique was the open submission policy– amateur and professional photographers alike were free to submit their work. Editor Rachel James has plans to turn the project in to a book. In the mean time browse the final issue.

Skin by Shelley Jackson

Writer Shelley Jackson has invited participants to have one word (in classic book font) tattooed anywhere on their bodies. That word will be from the story titled Skin, and the full text of the story will never be published. It's up to the participants to find each-other and compile the story, if they're so interested. Less than 2 months after putting out the call for …