Das Programm

A comprehensive online source for Dieter Rams' iconic designs for Vitsoe and Braun

While doing some Vienna vintage shopping we recently came across the Braun 308 turntable, a harmless discovery that led to a maddening online search for iconic designs by Dieter Rams once home. After clicking from one corner of the internet to another we were introduced to Das Programm, a comprehensive resource exclusively selling designs by the hugely influential industrial designer for Vitsoe and under his …

Travel Alarm Clock

Even after production ceased, Braunsline of travel alarm clocks continued to ring a bell in the minds of minimalists. Based closely on the original 1994 AB1A model designed byDietrich LubswithDieter Rams, the Travel Alarm Clockis a reliable timepiece with a clear, crisp crescendo alarm.

BN0076 Watch

The reissued version of this classic timepiece stays true to Dieter Rams’ original design with a minimalist stainless steel face and leather strap, yet features a modern LED back-lit date and time display.