Egg-A-Matic Hard-Boiled Egg Mold

Inject some life—or, rather, a hint of death—into your snack with the Egg-a-Matic skull mold from Fred & Friends. A yoke becomes a delicious, protein-rich brain to scoop out of whites formed to resemble some pretty spooky remains.

Eggs on a Plane

Mastering a good egg on the ground or in the air

On the ground or in the air, properly cooked eggs present a challenge to be mastered. Helen Davey worked for many years as a Pan Am stewardess, and her account of a harrowing experience making fresh scrambled eggs for an entire plane yielded impressive yet hilarious results. The good news: the passengers claimed it was the best breakfast on a plane they had ever eaten. …

Simpli Oats

A flavor-neutral milk alternative with the healthful benefits of oats

One of the most exciting finds at the winter 2012 Fancy Food Show came in the form of a non-dairy milk made from oats. Oats? Milk? Yes—and the result outshines other alternatives like soy and almond because of its neutral taste and dairy milk consistency. Plus, Simpli Naked Oat retains many of the vitamin and nutritional qualities of the oats. The beverage is available unsweetened, …