K Adorable

Brooklyn based K Adorable has been designing and selling hand printed T-shirts for a couple years already. Their fun designs are printed in limited runs with a variety of color combinations, so there's a good chance you wouldn't see someone else sporting the same one. What's super-cool, though, is their subscription service. Just sign up and get a T-shirt treat every month!

Satan’s Laundromat

Satan's Laundromat is a Brooklyn based photolog of urban decay, strange signage and other odd city moments. They have also collaborated on Down Below, a photo-documentary of defunct subway paggages. Both projects reveal an aesthetically intense, though emotionally draining part of the city.

Look Look Magazine Launch

Tonight Look Look Magazine threw a launch party in Williamsburg for their first issue. The party was fun. The magazine is fabulous! It’s a really nice collection of work from talented young artists, and an interesting glimpse of their lives and of youth culture at large. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers must be true amateurs and between the ages of 14 and 30. All profits …