Atlas of Brutalist Architecture

There are 878 buildings by 798 architects stuffed into the aptly titled Atlas of Brutalist Architecture. Readers can browse over 1,000 photographs of these glorious structures—some still standing, others long gone—across 560 pages. The oft-misunderstood style is celebrated in all its emotive and powerful glory throughout this comprehensive book.

This Brutal World

The new black and white photo book is a visual feast of imposing architectural structures

How do crude and unsympathetic concrete structures appeal to human hearts around the globe? Graphic designer Peter Chadwick (founder of London-based studio A Popular Space) attempts to explain his fervent love for Brutalism not through too many words but, like the architecture movement itself, with blunt, honest simplicity. Black and white photo after photo of singular, monumental structures make up “This Brutal World,” his new …

Brutal London by Zupagrafika

The design studio preserves some of the city's iconic Brutalist buildings like Balfron Tower in paper form

Paper models of buildings and animals are some of the most simple and classic children’s toys. But turning something 2D into a 3D sculpture never gets boring—and when you combine the DIY factor with interesting designs, you have the recipe for Brutal London, the latest product from Poland’s Zupagrafika. The Hispano-Polish design studio consists of Martyna Sobecka and David Navarro and is based in Poznań, …