Fluorescent Acrylic Cactus

SF-based designer Nobel Truong’s cacti are an especially rare type: they give off a glow thanks to the fluorescent acrylic material they’re laser-cut from. Choose from three different species (Saguaro, Echinocereus or moon cactus) and never worry about watering.

Kaktus København, Copenhagen

A new concept store brings quirky cacti of all shapes and sizes to Jægersborggade

Blink and you’ll miss it: in the hustle and bustle of Jægersborggade street, taking up a single block in the riotous-turned-hip Nørrebro district in Copenhagen, is a tiny new space filled with cacti and succulents. Kaktus København (website currently in Danish only), open since May 2015, is run by three women: sisters Maja and Gro along with their closest childhood friend, Cille. Though they took …

Middle Finger Planter

If you’ve ever wanted to make a bold statement with a piece of nicely designed home decor, FPOAFM’s Middle Finger Planter will top your wish list. They recommend an Andes Mountain cactus, a prickly, phallic plant that stands up against the world without a hint of regret.