Star Wars Uncut

Seeking help to remake the sci-fi classic "Star Wars: A New Hope," tech-geek Casey Pugh's project uses Vimeo as a crowd-sourcing tool to engage filmmakers in a "Be Kind Rewind"-style DIY production. He divided up the entire movie into 15-second clips, tasking participants with download three sections for re-filming. When all 472 clips are complete, Pugh will stitch them back together to create the feature-length …

Lulan Artisans 11°/17° Textile Competition

A call for design entries of handmade high-quality textiles

Lulan Artisans 11°/17° Textile Competition is an avenue for aspiring textile artists to publicize their craftsmanship and be discovered. Founded in 2005 by Eve Blossom as a sustainable textile initiative, Lulan produces handmade high-quality textiles using organic and renewable materials while at the same time providing sustainable income to over 650 artisans throughout Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Lulan achieves great product diversity through …

Brand X Video Shorts Call for Entries

The LA Times' up-and-coming new-media site Brand X is hosting a video competition (that we're judging) to explore what it means to be a next-gen Los Angeleno. Shape your creative vision in a three-minute or less video exposé by this Friday, 12 June 2009 and enter to win a featured showing at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. We'll see you there.