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Air Travel Tripods


Starting at just two pounds in weight, MeFoto’s collection of Air travel tripods are a globetrotting photographer’s dream. Each of the portable designs is constructed from lightweight aluminum, and features a HyperLock …

Golden Section Finder


Find perfection everywhere you go with this pocket-sized Golden Section Finder. A well-known rule in design, the golden ratio relates to ideal proportions—found in nature and human-made objects. You can use this …

Camera Swagg


Photographers know the burden of carrying around two or more cameras in order to never miss that perfect moment. Lightening the load is Oklahoma-based Matthew Swaggart, whose sturdy, handmade leather multi-camera harness …

Galileo Remote Control


The team at Motrr are using motion control to push the boundaries of the iPhone’s photo capabilities. The Galileo is a robotic dock that you can use to control the movement of …