Sony NEX-VG10 vs. Panasonic AG-AF100

Two new DSLR-inspired, consumer-influenced video cameras

Over the last year, droves of filmmakers have been ditching traditional video cameras in favor of the stunningly rich images produced by the ultra-shallow depths of field, bigger sensors and interchangeable lenses of DSLRs with HD capabilities. With the consumer-led phenomenon showing no signs of slowing, both Panasonic and Sony have taken notice, recently announcing models that build on the strengths of DSLRs by adding …

Lomography Spinner 360°

Our hands-on look at a new analog camera's ultimate panoramas

The latest addition to Lomography‘s fleet of non-digital cameras, the Spinner 360° promises dizzying panoramas with the pull of a cord. Thanks to the unconventional (and often unpredictable) results produced by the camera’s simple mechanics, anyone who can point-and-shoot—or in this case, point-and-pull—will have fun with it. I recently had the opportunity to try the camera out, and can attest to the joys of pulling, …

Parking Lot Hydra

Balloon-enabled HD views, cultural parking lot bonanzas, scientific swearing, and more in our weekly link list

Now available in paperback form, photographer EStelle Hanania’s series “Parking Lot Hydra” celebrates the quirkier side of Bulgaria’s winter masquerade, documenting performers clad in feathers, horns, and paint in the festival’s nearby parking lot.