Ixtlali Candleholders

Casa Verónica’s ceramic Ixtlali Candleholders pay tribute to the Mexican drip-glaze technique, where multicolored swatches of paint cascade downward. Handmade and two inches tall, each of these mesmerizing holders is one of a kind and and finished with an interior and exterior gloss.


With 50 to 70 hours of burn time, the INCEPTION candle from Brooklyn-based candle brand yasaf, lit provides plenty of tranquil vibes. Made with palo santo and sage, the candle boasts calming and restorative attributes and is finished with notes of cypress. Featuring an eco-friendly wooden wick, this candle is vegan and cruelty-free.

Butterfly Candle

Osaka, Japan-based candlemaker Olga Goose balances the cute with the off-kilter in a kind of Art Brut manner. This butterfly candle is no exception, with its cheerful face and bright colors. Entirely handmade, it promises a subtle fragrance and a vibrant look.