Polytope Ashtray

Designed by Andrew O Hughes for design-forward smokeware brand Tetra, the Polytope Ashtray is a functional decorative object, made from rose-citrine dichroic glass that was hand-cast into a rhombus shape. Artful and entrancing, the ashtray shape-shifts through colors as the lighting changes.

Flora Nero’s High Design Elevates Cannabis-Centric Homewares

This LA-based brand aims to create products that needn't be hidden away

Founded by Anna and Eli Peer, LA-based design house Flora Nero creates luxuriously crafted wares that center on cannabis, but it’s not a cannabis brand. While that might sound like an oxymoron, it makes perfect sense when understanding the Peers’ relationship: they are married, they cohabitate, and one of them consumes marijuana daily while the other never partakes. For the two high-design enthusiasts sharing a …

Paul Arnhold Bong

NYC-based glass artist Paul Arnhold has partnered with Edie Parker for another series of swirling and mesmerizing one-of-a-kind bongs. Handmade by the artist, these bongs feature a longer, slimmer neck and kaleidoscopic swaths of color that are each limited to one edition. They make for a whimsical display, even when not in use.