OG Room Spray

Rather than mask the smell of cannabis smoke, Veil’s OG Room Spray eliminates burnt terpene molecules in the air. This concoction is comprised of all-natural, non-toxic essential oils and boasts subtle notes of sweet orange and black pepper with a layer of Virginia cedar. Delightful and light, the room spray (which comes in an eight-ounce bottle) is also colorless, so it won’t stain fabrics.

NYC’s Cannabis Design Shop Alcove Launches eCommerce

Weed accessories and CBD goods crafted with the utmost care, now online

When Alcove opened its doors in NYC’s Lower East Side, partners (and married couple) Allie Pisarro-Grant and Alex Smith presented an oasis of high-design accessories for an industry in flux. They stocked their store with carefully selected vessels, tinctures and tools for use with cannabis. And ultimately, a destination was born where conversations around the benefits of the whole hemp plant—long a taboo subject—are encouraged. …

Cannabis Travel Kit

With cannabis and cannabis-adjacent products finding acceptance (and legalization) in more locations, it can be challenging to choose one place to stash or store them all. Another Room offers a solution: a cheeky travel kit—either adorned with the slogan “Totally Not Weed” or a hazy smiley face—that includes joint holders, an AR branded lighter and a mirror. Though these items come pre-arranged inside the kit’s …