Dissecting the Profiles of oHHo’s Three Full Spectrum CBD Oils

The brand's co-founder explains advancements in production methods, flavor profiles and dosage levels

In the gold rush around CBD, products are plentiful but facts can be scarce. Two components of radical transparency set New York-based oHHo apart. First, the brand employs the cleanest components available (using only hemp extract and MCT oil), unlike peers that continue to ramp up to industrial levels. Second, they craft three full-spectrum CBD tinctures that each utilize extract from one specific growing region …

Papa & Barkley’s Small-Batch, All-Natural Therapeutic Cannabis Edibles

Full-spectrum gummies made from coconut oil-infused hash, for tasty and fast-acting relief

The medicinal and therapeutic properties of cannabis and its components (THC, CBD, and beyond) are nearly agreed upon. Legalization state by state gave the green light to research projects pinned down by federal drug classifications, but that certainly doesn’t mean the cannabis industry is done evolving or exploring. Innovations come nearly every day, courtesy of new companies striving to establish their best practices. One such …

Radical Relief Gel Roll-On

Comprising 300mg of high-quality hemp-derived CBD, menthol, arnica and methyl salicylate, Asystem’s Gel Roll-On efficiently addresses lingering aches and pains. The bottle’s cooling stainless steel cryosphere ensures even distribution of the solution, and gentle pressure results in the formula properly penetrating the skin. Unlike lotions, which can be applied unevenly, the roll-on relieves pain more effectively. Plus, Asystem’s recipe—which contains 25% active ingredients—provides relief quickly.