Testing Motorola’s Razr Flip Phone With a Fully Foldable Screen

Motorola’s Head of Product Operations Doug Michau talks about the transformed icon

Inside a cave-like space at the Container Yard in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, the Motorola team responsible for the launch of the new Razr assembled for their big reveal. After four years of development, they unleashed a device that proves the aesthetics of their legendary pocket-sized flip-phone will live on—beyond just nostalgia. The device elicited strong emotions when it launched back in 2004 and is …

Samsung’s Foldable Phones

Just hours before Apple’s big announcements yesterday, Samsung had one of its own. Next year, in 2018, the tech giant plans to release a foldable cellphone. “The Korean electronics conglomerate is aggressively seeking new ways to stand out in an increasingly congested consumer tech marketplace” and a bendable phone is certainly the opposite of the iPhone. Read more at Mashable.

Honolulu Bans Cellphones on Crosswalks

Come 25 October 2017, if you can’t seem to peel your eyes from your phone while crossing a street in Honolulu, you might be slapped with a $15 to $99 fine. The Hawaiian capital will be the first major city in the USA to pass a law like this—aiming to reduce injury and death blamed on “smartphone zombies.” Mayor Kirk Caldwell tells Reuters, “We hold …